Wine // spirits

I cover business and beverage trends in New York and Europe for The Tasting Panel, a nationally distributed magazine to the wine/spirits trade, and Sommelier News, which has an international distribution.

My passport bears stamps and wine stains: based in New York City, I’ve traveled to wine regions in France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Romania, Argentina and Chile.

Tasting Panel: A Fine Wein time in Alsace

Sommelier News: Chateau Coutet: A Walk on the Wild Side [PDF]

Tasting Panel: Puglia on a Roll

Tasting Panel: Saint-Emilion: It takes a village

Sommelier News: Rupert Symington: Port in a storm

Sommelier News: Romania Rising

Sommelier News: 156 hectares in Savennières

Macao Trading Post: an unlikely, but friendly place for tequila

Sommelier News: Muscadet reboots

Sommelier News: Vinsanto hits the sweet spot

Esporão Wines: Young CEO plays jazz piano, escapes revolution, knows his wines

Come together: Team Provence promotes rose, region

The Food Evangelists of SLO

The Communicators: women in wine

Takin’ it to the Heights: Israel wines

Ward III makes a mark

Languedoc rises: wines to love

Country report: Chile

Mark Grossich, Manhattan’s classiest lounge lizard

Blackstone wines launches premium label

Navarra DO hits NYC

Amarula: the elephant in the room

Country report: France // Bordeaux

Make mischief with Hornitos

Tour de France winemakers

Hot-blooded in the East End

Karlsson strikes gold

Mathilde: Aromatic properties


Winery spotlight: Spain // Rompesedas

Two brothers, two angels

Spanish wine report

Prosecco: a sparkling business

The Riesling Challenge [link]

Hotelier of the Year: Starwood keeps it personal

Bar Stars: Hoboken’s own bartender/comic

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