Weathering the storm

WITH MOST OF THE CITY in chaos after Hurricane Sandy, seeing a play is probably the least thing on people’s minds. Understandably so. Let’s hope the city gets back to normal, not only for the sake of all of us who live, work and play here, but so businesses can begin to mitigate their losses.

When you do resume play-going, an interesting small piece recently opened at the Duke on 42nd Street, an adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s essay, House for Sale. So far, reviewers have not loved it, but if you’re a language lover, and want to support experiemental American theater, it’s worth the affordable ticket. On the surface, it’s a quiet memoir of grief and loss—physical and emotional. Underneath, it explores the splintering of hope, confidence and relationships.  It’s dark, but beautifully written and interestingly presented. The online “hurricane edition” in today’s WSJ is here and the PDF is here.

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