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23 OCTOBER. 2010

One of my news outlets has revamped its web site, so my stories will appear online more regularly. I’ll continue posting PDFs, but now have a reason to call out features on a more frequent basis.

Last week I wrote a substantial piece for amNewYork on Queens as an emerging hipster haven. I asked a number of residents—sort of the “curators of Queens”—if our borough (I live here, too) was the next Brooklyn. Or, does Queens have its own DNA and we just don’t care to be the next self-conscious census tract? Read what they had to say here.

I also interviewed Tom Patterson, the founder/CEO of Tommy John, a men’s underwear line. If you think all T-shirts are the same, his story proves otherwise. Turns out men care A LOT about their T-shirts, and their collective dissatisfaction with the underwear market has propelled the young brand’s sales in major department stores. Patterson, a former medical-devices salesman, did it all from scratch. It’s a good success story about putting your feet to the street, and keeping your shirt tucked in.

One of my best assignments is the monthly design feature that explores New Yorkers’ imaginatively created spaces. This month, I visited the Bedouin-bedazzled duplex of Gabrielle Francis, an alternative health practitioner and her husband, Ahmed Jeriouda. Their penthouse apartment in Little Italy is a living scrapbook of their travels and interests. Francis calls it “Taj Mahal meets the Kasbah.” I was treated to an impromptu rooftop concert on ancient drums, and a sight you don’t often see from the crowded streets—the Ferrara bakery sign, a gleeful and gaudy chaser-light display.

On a non-writing note, one of my pictures was published in Bloomberg magazine, accompanying a piece on Santorini wines by Elin McCoy. We visited the estate of Paris Sigalis, a former mathematician, now a talented—and possibly the best dressed—winemaker with his elegant linens.


Some of my editorial work may be seen here while my other site is under construction. For now, you’ll find a variety of reported stories, which have appeared in a number of  newspapers and magazines. I’ve written on arts & design, travel, luxury shopping, wine, food, neighborhood profiles, small business and urban affairs including historic preservation and religion.

Please go to for a few samples of my creative marketing work.

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